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They say love comes from the most unexpected places; I found mine hiding in my bushes from the cops.

My life before Luke was a carefully structured routine. It was predictable and organized, just the way I like it. Some would call it boring, but I call it smart self-preservation, and if there’s one thing that could threaten to bring it all crashing down, it’s Luke van Beek.

He swept into my world like a tropical cyclone, all hot and chaotic, and tore down my safeguards.

Now I can’t seem to rid myself of this charming, larger-than-life, ridiculous man. He’s invaded my personal space, my mind, and my bed.

He’s tempting me in ways I haven’t been tempted before and I’m going to have to teach him a lesson about what happens to naughty boys when they misbehave.

But can my last remaining boundary, the wall I’ve built around my heart, withstand the man who lives to break all the rules?Either way, it seems, my life after Luke will never be the same.

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