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Team Cora Book Reviews

Always by Loren Leigh
Always Loren Leigh.jpg


Absolutely beautiful story. Definitely one of my favorites of the year!
The writing almost feels ethereal and poetic. I adored all the celestial references.
Jin and Kepler’s love is so pure and magical. This is romance at it’s best.

I loved the slow build-up, all the tension and pining.

I didn’t mind that we didn’t get Kepler’s POV. I always appreciate a bit of mystery in my romance and when Kepler spoke, I swooned.

I loved all the side characters and the hurt/comfort vibes. The alcoholic mother hit me right in the feels.

I can’t wait for more from this author!

Boyfriend Goals by Riley Hart


So sweet and wholesome. I love books with neurodivergent characters and Milo was the absolute best. I adored his blatant honesty and his desire to be independent.

Gideon was so charming and lovely. He was the perfect match for Milo. Their chemistry was 🔥🥵

This book has zero angst and feels like warm hug a warm hug. Loved it.

Boyfriend Goals.jpg
Dont You Dare CE Ricci.jpg


I adore CE Ricci’s writing.


At it’s core, this was a very simple love story without many twists but I felt completely enveloped into Pen and Keene’s tension, lust, and love—the mark of truly good writing. Their feelings were so palpable and raw and the build-up of their relationship was so adorable and ridiculously spicy. Definitely one of the hottest books I’ve read. 🔥

Don't You Dare by CE Ricci
Heartstopper by Alice Oseman


Absolutely precious. Charlie and Nick and all their friends are adorable.


Such a cute YA series.

I’m so glad they made it into a Netflix show too. Deserves all the recognition.

Hostile by Nicole Dykes
Hostile Nicole Dykes.jpg


Sweet, angsty story of first love. Rhett and Grayson are seniors in high school when Grayson finally gathers the courage to go after his crush. I loved how Grayson pursued Rhett despite his harsh and prickly exterior and never gave up on him. Their courtship was adorable and their chemistry was hot; I love a good “first-time” story and I ADORE watching a guarded, emotionally detached person open up and fall in love.

This book tackles the hard truth about the insufficiencies of the foster system and I loved the found family feel. I want to go back and read Rhett’s adoptive parents’ book; I loved Blair and Rhys.

I wasn’t a huge fan of how things ended up with Grayson and his parents. I feel like his relationship with his dad was unresolved and anticlimactic after all the buildup. Almost all of the angst in the book was hedged on his dad’s approval and influence over him but it was all for not.

Overall, a great read if you want a sweet high school sweethearts story with good side characters and mild drama.


Evan is a shy, nerdy, 19 yr old gay virgin. Dawson is the “straight” older jock who offers to teach him about flirting and sex. It’s all very cute and hot🔥 with a bit of second-hand embarrassment and fumbling. I liked that the sex wasn’t perfect and seemed very realistic.

I do love the friends with bennies, “we’re just fucking, don’t catch feelings” trope and though this one didn’t really offer up anything new, it was well-written and swoon-worthy.
I really liked both MC’s. There was a bit of hurt/comfort and ex-girlfriend drama but it was relatively low-angst.

it was a bit too long and I skimmed in some areas but I would definitely read more by this author.

Never Have I Evan DJ Jamison.jpg
Never Have I Evan by DJ Jamison
Never Stay Gone by Tal Bauer
Never Stay Gone.jpg


Loved this second chance romance/murder mystery.
Tal Bauer is such a brilliant writer. I love how he slowly builds up the suspense with not only the murders but with Shane and Dakota’s relationship.

Dakota, a Texas Ranger, comes back to Big Bend, TX after 13 years away to help Shane, a small town deputy and Dakota’s ex, with a murder investigation. As readers, we know something bad happened years ago between these two to separate them but we don’t know what. They’re both so despondent, broken hearted, and angry. The angst and tension between them for the first half of the book is palatable. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, trying to figure out what possibly could have happened. The flashbacks of their young love was intensely sweet and romantic.
The murder plot was also very well-written and suspenseful.


I need to read everything by Tal Bauer now.

Soul Eater by Lily Mayne


Imaginative and kick-ass dystopian monster romance.

The world-building and plot were interesting and unlike anything I’ve read.

The relationship between Wyn and Danny was adorable. Who doesn’t love a sweet and cuddly demon of death and destruction?!

Hurt/comfort trope is one of my favorites.

Perfect amount of angst and drama.

The intimacy scenes were plentiful, well-written, and very hot. 🔥 (This was my first intro to monster erotica and it took me a hot minute to acclimate to the anatomical differences.)😳😂

I’m definitely going to read the next books in the series.

LOVE the cover art for these books! 😍

Soul Eater Lily Mayne.jpg
Wrath by Ella James
Wrath Ellis James.jpg


This book is a maximum angst roller coaster and I loved every moment of it.

It feels like 3 books wrapped into one—and at 700 pages, it could have easily been 3 books.

The first part begins as a bully romance and is absolute fire. 🔥 Hotter than Satan’s testicles in leather pants on a summer day in Texas. 🥵
Ezra and Miller’s chemistry builds quickly and is phenomenal. And their love is so sincere, sweet, and relatable.

The second part literally feels like the floor opens up on you and you’re free falling. It’s devastating and gut-wrenching and you’re cursing Ella for doing this to your poor tattered nerves and wounded heart. Get some wine or a pet to cuddle and hang in there because…

The last part of the book is so very satisfying. Too often books wrap up too quickly at the end, but I love that Ella gave us the extended resolution we deserve after what she put us through. 😂

Irresponsible Puckboy


Today I try to write the unspoilerish'st post with the most unspoiler-y quotes ever 😏😳

I finished 'Irresponsible Puckboy' - Puckboys pt. 2 by Eden Finley and Saxon James
and totally loved it, so read it!


Obviously I can write some more!!

First of all thank you Saxon & Eden for the heads up!
I quote:

🏒This series is about the PR Nightmares of the NHL.
These characters are flawed on purpose.
We’re talking about the himboest himbos to ever himbo.🏒

You had me at HIMBO 😳
I have a special place in my heart for Himbos … the himboest the better 🥲

And honestly I wasn’t disappointed with this Roll of a Cinnamon-Himbo

But truth be told I was already hooked on Trip&Dex in E-Puckboy 😌❤️‍🔥

Besides Trip and Dex
this book gave me great supportive Characters as well as fun, feels and feel-good vibes!

Honorary Mention: the Queer Collective

“You’re both great people who will do anything for the other,
but watching from the outside, you’re pucking disasters.”

“Fucking disasters,” Oskar says.
“They’re so bad they require actual cursing.”

I can’t get enough of the 🌈 Collective I might need a whole book just about them being their snark-supportive-selves

Irresponsible Puck Boys.jpg

Reviewed by Team Cora contributor, Cassiopeia Caia

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The Long Game by Rachel Reid
The Long Game by Rachel Reid.jpg


I finished The Long Game (Game Changers pt. 6) by Rachel Reid and debated with myself what I should write to express how magnificent this book was for me.
(I try but I know I'll fail)

I also withhold my review as long as possible bc I really tried to look for cute, funny, heartfelt quotes but they are spoiler-ish
(fair warning)

Ilya and Shane deserve the world and more, I cried and laughed and swooned and got every feeling during this reading experience while listening to Coopers narration.
Whispersync'ing this Book was galore ❤️

Obviously I could write as any other Shane&Ilya fan pages over pages of praise, but I need to mention how wholesome and lovable Ilya was as a friend as well as a Teamcaptain:

Ilya held out his hand.
“Ilya Rozanov. Normal guy. Nice to meet you.”
After a moment’s hesitation, Luca shook his hand.
“Luca Haas. Embarrassing fanboy.”

To be able to read Ilya's journey over the years in this hidden relationship, his fame and personal struggles and goals as well as the connection he has with Shane but also with his Mates was perfection.

And Luca my cute little cinnamon-beauty-roll 🥺 I can't write my review without mentioning him at least once...I loved all the support Characters, the Cameos and obviously Fabian slayed it as well but Luca stole my heart

I would highly recommend the whispersync-option for maximum feels 🥺🥰

Reviewed by Team Cora contributor, Cassiopeia Caia

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Rookie Move by Riley Hart and Neve Wilder


When I heard that @rileyhartwrites and @nevewilder were collaborating on a book, I knew it would be amazing. Rookie Move (Playing for Keeps book 1) did not disappoint. Garrett and Warner were so perfect together and their chemistry was 🔥🥵. Looking forward to more from this dynamic duo.

Rookie Move by Riley Hart and Neve Wilder.jpg

Reviewed by Team Cora contributor, Ashley @ reading_ismyjam

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