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Whit by Cora Rose


Straight guys don’t have crushes on other dudes, right?

Except my roommate, Whit, is intriguing, and I find myself watching him constantly. He’s a mystery I can’t figure out. And these feelings I’m having about him are confusing.

Then, one night, I find myself wrapped around him, and after that, I can't get enough.

But Whit has secrets. He doesn’t let people in, and the more I fall for him, the less I know.

I can't let him go, though.

Until I realize I’m going to be the one broken at the end of our story.



Sometimes your dream guy isn’t who you think he is.
Sem has been stalking me for months. He shows up everywhere I am and lurks in the background, his eyes always on me. I don’t understand his fascination with me, but he won’t leave me alone.

He’s definitely not my type. He’s too big, too reckless, and too feral.
But then one night he breaks into my apartment and dares me to do something crazy and I can’t say no.

Then I do it again. And again.

Now it seems we’re both addicted to this secret little game.

But when I begin to see the man beneath the brutish exterior, will falling in love prove to be the most reckless bet yet?



I know this is wrong, but I can’t help myself when it comes to him.

My mom deserves to be happy after losing my dad to tragedy over a decade ago. But her blissful new relationship comes with a catch.

His name is Emery, my new stepbrother, and he’s the most infuriating, impulsive, chaotic, and strangely intriguing man I’ve ever met.

I’ve managed to avoid him for a year but then on our way to our parents’ cabin, we get lost alone in the snowy mountains of Utah.

That’s when pretenses and boundaries between us start to slip and fall away as we focus on survival. I begin to see the charming and sweet man he is. And maybe all the wild and ridiculous things about him that used to irritate me, are what make him truly perfect.



They say love comes from the most unexpected places; I found mine hiding in my bushes from the cops.

My life before Luke was a carefully structured routine. It was predictable and organized, just the way I like it. Some would call it boring, but I call it smart self-preservation, and if there’s one thing that could threaten to bring it all crashing down, it’s Luke van Beek.

He swept into my world like a tropical cyclone, all hot and chaotic, and tore down my safeguards.

Now I can’t seem to rid myself of this charming, larger-than-life, ridiculous man. He’s invaded my personal space, my mind, and my bed.

He’s tempting me in ways I haven’t been tempted before and I’m going to have to teach him a lesson about what happens to naughty boys when they misbehave.

But can my last remaining boundary, the wall I’ve built around my heart, withstand the man who lives to break all the rules? Either way, it seems, my life after Luke will never be the same.



Some people come into your life with the power to challenge everything you thought you knew about yourself.

Lex is chaos personified.
He’s strange and alluring. Unpredictable and unique.
He drives me wild in a way I’ve never experienced.
I’ve never felt desire like this and now I find myself craving his touch and wanting him more than I’ve ever wanted anyone.
I know I shouldn’t trust him though.
Lex wants something from me and my family.
He watches me through hidden cameras, stalking me like prey.
But his voyeurism excites me. I want him to watch me, catch me, consume me.
I am his obsession and he is my madness.
And together, our absurdity somehow makes perfect sense.

Lex is a darkly funny and emotional MM romance with a sweet HEA. This is book five of the Unexpected series. It can be read as a standalone, but better enjoyed in order.



I’ve devoted my life to my son, always putting his needs first, and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Becoming a father was the best decision I’ve ever made, but hell, single parenting is difficult. I’m so tired of holding everything together. I need a partner, someone to share my life with. I miss intimacy and passion. I want someone who will take charge and help me let go of all this control I cling to. But an endless string of bad dates and rejection has me feeling like maybe love will never come for me. Maybe a father is all I’m meant to be in this life.

My next-door neighbor is infuriating. He’s intelligent and flirty and just so bloody gorgeous. Why are Americans so cheerful and loud? I hate him. I could not hate him more. But what began as a reckless feud between competitive neighbors, has somehow morphed into an attraction I can’t ignore. I feel unhinged around him. I want Colin. I want him so badly it hurts. But he has a kid—an inquisitive, bright little boy who is just as charming as his dad. And the hard truth is, Colin can’t afford to take a chance on me. I don’t do commitment. Not anymore. Not since my ex. And a stubborn, set-in-his-ways prat like me isn’t cut out to be a father, right?

Colin is a funny and steamy MM romance that features a single father, enemies-to-lovers, and a HEA. It is the sixth standalone in the Unexpected series.



After my honorable discharge from the Marine Corps, it only made sense to put my skills to good use as a personal bodyguard. The contracts keep me moving and traveling, and the money is good. All I’ve ever wanted was to make sure my mother and sister were taken care of after my father passed away. So when Anthony Costello, the notorious mob boss and my dad’s ex-employer, asked me to take on a special job for his family, I couldn’t say no.

But not even my six-year stint as an elite Marine could have prepared me for the hellscape that is being trapped in a secluded safe house with his son. Diablo Costello is a rude little chaos gremlin that lives to push all my buttons. I can’t keep him safe if he’s determined to fight me every step of the way. But I can see through the bratty facade. I know what Diablo needs. What he longs for. He craves to be disciplined, restrained, dominated. And God help me, I’m going to give it to him.


Diablo is a high-heat, low-angst, bodyguard MM romance that features forced proximity, light BDSM, and a HEA.



Please note: this story does contain violence and sexual acts between main characters with dubious consent (dub-con) and/or consensual non-consent (CNC).

Until Him 2.png

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year at college, it’s that things aren’t always what they seem.

I’m Logan Lewis. I’m popular, charming, athletic, and all the girls love me. Yep, I’ve really got it made.

But when I find myself in danger of failing my chemistry class and losing my sports scholarship, I know the only person who can save me is the smartest science tutor on campus.

Theo Reign is brilliant. He’s also cold and antisocial, moody and mean. He looks at me like he hates me, but touches me like he wants me. There’s something just beneath the surface that draws me in. His secret pain mirrors my own, and I suddenly find myself craving him. I can’t get enough of this mysterious and intriguing man, and though I know what we’re doing is weird and probably toxic, I just can’t seem to let him go.

I never thought I would want another man.

Until him.

Until Him is a steamy M/M college romance with heart, soul, lots of laughs, and of course, cuddling.

Title Only.png
BB 2.png

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year it’s that life isn’t always fair.

Sometimes things happen that test our resilience and our strength.

My life was changed forever one fateful night last year when I lost my leg in an accident. It’s affected my independence and my confidence.

But there is one thing—one person—that hasn’t changed, hasn’t wavered when life gets hard.

Finn Ledger. He’s been my best friend since the moment we met in middle school. We’re grown now, with separate lives, but he still always manages to be there for me when I need him, even when circumstances try to wrench us apart.

He always holds me when I need it, cares for me like no one else can. His affection for me feels like home, like safety…

But recently those innocent touches have been igniting something new inside of me. Something I can’t explain, something lustful and intense.

Something that could change everything…

Always Him is a steamy M/M friends-to-lovers college romance with heart, soul, lots of laughs, and of course, cuddling.

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As a divorced man in my thirties with a throwaway job and very few friends, I admit that I’ve made a lot of bad decisions over the years. Rounding out the top of that epic list was allowing my son’s best friend, Quinn, to talk me into taking him on a two-week summer road trip…alone.

What was supposed to be quality father-son bonding time before Joshua goes off to college has somehow transpired into a battle of wills between me and his nineteen-year-old best friend.

Quinn may be young but he genuinely seems to enjoy spending time with me, something I’ve never experienced before, and it feels nice to finally have someone care. I mean, being friends with the kid wouldn’t be so bad, right?

But Quinn suddenly seems hellbent on flirting with me, and the way he looks at me is anything but friendly. My will to stay away from this sweet, attractive, and persistent young man is waning. With the two of us alone in a camper, in the wilds of Michigan…Christ, this is bad…very, very bad.

Waiting For You is a low-angst and spicy MM age-gap, son’s best friend romance.

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Welcome to Black Diamond Resort and Spa…

When I fled my small town home to fly across the globe for a potential job on a remote island, I did it on a whim. And let’s just say, my parents were not happy. According to them, the journey of self-discovery is not nearly as important as tending the family farm.

I may not know a lot, but I do know that I needed space to breathe. To figure out who I am and what I want out of life. I desperately needed change.

So I traded in my work boots and flannels for flip-flops, golf carts, and fit men in teeny-tiny swim trunks.

I came here for adventure, but I never would have guessed that on a tropical island filled with creepy lizards, poisonous jellyfish, and one obscenely deranged monkey, it would be the surfer with the tight body and smart mouth that I really had to watch out for.


Reaching Reed

Reed Ellis is absolutely gorgeous, but a total newbie to camming, a virtual nobody in my world.

I should have just deleted his message request for a steamy, on-camera collaboration. Not everyone is cut out to be a camboy. But there’s just something about him I couldn’t resist.

He’s timid and inexperienced, quiet and closed off, but his fumbling first-times play out scorching hot for the cameras, and our videos together are an instant success.

I know I should just ride this out, sit back and watch the money roll in, and then move on.

But I can’t. I’m intrigued by this brick wall of a man. I see glimpses of Reed hiding behind his silence and he is struggling. He has secrets, someone he cares about that he’s protecting. And I make it my mission to get him to open up and let me in. What will it take to reach the elusive Reed?

Reaching Reed is a very steamy and sweet M/M romance about camboys and first love. It is the first standalone book in the Behind the Camera series.


Becoming Bennet

I cannot stand Bennet Montgomery.

His rugged hotness knows no bounds and his unwavering cheery disposition is maddening. How can someone be that happy all the time? His smile infuriates me.

I need to keep my distance from this man and all his Midwest charm. I have my camboy career to focus on and I can't afford to get attached or bogged down with his nonsense.

But when Bennet receives devastating news about his mother, his grief consumes him.

I don't know what to make of this new sad side of Bennet. All I know is that his teary eyes infuriate me even more than his smile. I need to get his stupid smile back.

So that's how I wind up accompanying him home to his tiny town in rural Kansas.

And let me tell you, this California boy is not cut out for a land where fruit salad has marshmallows and where you're just as likely to be eaten by a feral cow as you are to be chased down by an angry rooster. *Shudder*

The worst part is, Bennet and I are forced to share one bed in a cramped trailer. And as I try my hardest to comfort this man who I can barely call a friend, I wonder if maybe that flutter in my chest isn't just heartburn.


Maybe I can allow myself to get swept up in him...just for a bit.
That is, if a rogue tornado doesn't sweep me away first.


Becoming Bennet is a funny and sweet MM romance with forced proximity and only one bed.

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